Each and every active domain is registered on the name of a person and during the registration process numerous details are submitted - the owner’s names, address, e-mail, phone number, and many others. This information along with the registrar company name and the registration/expiration dates is called WHOIS of the domain address and in compliance with the policies of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) it needs to be current and accurate. If a domain name has incorrect WHOIS details, it might be reported and if the details are not fixed, the domain address may be deleted or the registrar company may take over its ownership. By default, the WHOIS information is public and could be seen on numerous lookup sites, or for a smaller number of country-code extensions - on the Internet sites of the respective Registry businesses. All companies that provide registration services are required to provide a simple way for their clients to access and edit the WHOIS details of any domain name they own as much as the specific TLD allows it.

Full WHOIS Management in Cloud Hosting

Handling the WHOIS info of any domain registered through our company is very simple through our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The tool comes with every single cloud hosting and features a section dedicated to your domains where all registrations will be listed in alphabetical order. You'll be able to click on any domain name to view its current WHOIS info and with just a couple of mouse clicks more you can update any part of it. Hepsia will even permit you to edit multiple domain names at one time and you will be able to edit any detail which the respective top-level Registry allows to be changed. For a few country-code TLDs, automatic updates of the owner names are not possible via the Control Panel, so you can contact us 24/7 and we will aid you with the procedure. There are no limits of any sort about the WHOIS updates of generic TLDs.