Virtuozzo Containers is an effective virtualization solution, that's used to create virtual machines working independently of one another on a physical server. Each and every VPS has an OS of its own and it can be controlled through the Virtuozzo Control Panel where you will be able to discover lots of options which will provide you with complete control of the entire machine. Employing a user-friendly, point & click graphical interface, you can start, stop or restart your machine at any time, to do various kinds of maintenance tasks, to recover a back up copy, to set up various server-side software modules, plus many more. The resource monitoring tool will give you in-depth information for the overall performance of the VPS, so if you expand your web sites, you can easily see whether your current configuration can handle the additional load, or whether you will need an upgrade. When necessary, you can also reinstall the entire VPS container to its original state, resetting any changes you have made.