Despite the fact that using email messages generally is an easy task, handling the email accounts for any site might be a challenging procedure. Unless you have a straightforward user interface, such as our Mail Manager to help you to get the job done. It arrives with a bunch of integrated convenient software tools that will help carry out complicated things within a few mouse–clicks. Check out everything that our own Mail Manager can do for YOU!


Intended to maintain spam away from you

No one wants spam inside the e–mail account. Because of this, we’ve created a custom anti–spam solution in accordance with expertly designed techniques that filter out inbound messages and hold the junk e–mail away.

You can pick among several levels of safety, subject to exactly what junk messages you get. In addition, it’s possible to specify a special amount of spam protection for different mailboxes. Lastly, you can choose what happens to mails flagged as spam – to be removed or sent to a given email address.

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Email Forwarding

Reroute messages from one mailbox to a new one

We have made it very simple for you to forward email messages from one mailbox to a new one in your cloud hosting account. Everything you should do is choose the e–mail account that you want to forward and then fill in the desired mailbox where you would like all of the messages to be delivered to.

Also you can allow a copy of every forwarded message to be left in the email account you currently have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Put your email address in order

When using the Mail Manager within your Web Site Control Panel, it is really simple to set up various email filters. Everything you need to actually do is state the keywords which will be applied to filter messages and precisely where the filter has to look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then opt for the activity that’ll be applied to the filtered email messages.

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Email Protection

Email defense using DomainKeys and SPF records

We have integrated a group of software tools within your Web Site Control Panel which can defend your e–mail address from getting used for spam purposes without your knowledge. We’ve DomainKeys active for all of the mailboxes automatically. The service measures up the sender’s domain name to the e–mail message to ensure that the delivered message was produced by that address.

We’ve furthermore provided SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection – a service, that guards all the mail accounts from spammers that use your mailbox to transmit spam messages on seemingly your account.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Quick PC e–mail setup

From the auto–configure function of the Mail Manager, you’re able to configure email accounts within your preferred desktop email client with only a a click of the mouse. Simply click on the image of the e–mail client that you would like to make use of for a chosen email address and get hold of its auto–configuration file. This will immediately create your mailbox within your preferred desktop client.

We’ve designed configuration files for the most well–liked email clients – Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail.

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Access your mailbox using a web browser

When using the webmail software instrument integrated in the Web Site Control Panel, you can access your mailboxes from every web–connected system around the world! With the webmail address that we offer you, you’ll be able to sign in to your email accounts made in hostfields’s servers with the help of every web browser you have available.

There is also an additional way to gain access to your mailboxes online. Simply log in your Web Site Control Panel and while in the webmail section, pick out the mailbox you want to access and click on the RoundCube icon. This can instantaneously log you to your email address without having to post any sort of logon data.

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